“The new collection of music is a great recording display of excellent songs played with mastery and one of my favorite listens this year.
— Steve Ivey - 17 time #1 Billboard, multi-award-winning and nominated American music writer, producer, musician, and recording engineer.

Stable Shakers music was made to be unexpected - their songs exist in their own ethos. The Pennsylvania-based outfit featuring songwriter and guitarist Spencer Pheil and vocalist Brechyn Chace strive to create music that is both nostalgic and contemporary. The pair's convergence of old and new inspirations are best heard on their debut EP "Stable Shakers" - Out August 23, 2019. Asking Pheil and Chace to define their music and genre is a loaded question - and not one where clarity is even desired. Both Pheil and Chace are satisfied with leaving the uncertainty as it is - a theme prevalent in the band's new EP and down to their core as musicians.

The EP features seven original songs written by Pheil, all at various times in his life and focuses on themes of coming of age, complacency in life and love, and a search for greater purpose. Some of these intimate sentiments can be heard on their recently released single and final track "The Grind" - which explores the darkness in a daily routine, and the desire be free of the grasp of societal expectations. Chace's vocal performance yields a soothing melodic effect, adding a balance to the lyric's inner haunting. For Pheil and Chace, this equilibrium seems deeply personal - a balance they both find in their lives as a married couple.

For their debut EP, Pheil and Chace enlisted their touring band and life-long friends, who have also worked with them in several other projects throughout their years, most notably, The Hello Strangers. The band's live performance is not one to be missed, as Chace's soulful warmth and Pheil's cerebral introversion converge on stage in an experience that is nothing short of cosmic.


“[The Grind] is an atmospheric and sacred composition” - Fresh Out Of The Booth Aug 2019

“I really enjoy the production aesthetics of this release, particularly because they let the authentic dynamics of the band shine, giving the listeners a more realistic representation of their chemistry. “ - The Band Camp Diaries Aug 2019