Stable Shakers featuring Brechyn Chace

An ever-changing original performance sure to captivate 


Brechyn Chace of The Hello Strangers joins the Stable Shakers in a one of a kind performance that brings a fresh spin on progressive Americana music with inter-tangling influences of folk, jazz, blues, and country western themes.

Often featuring a rotating cast of top notch musicians, its quite possible that no two shows will ever be the same - and that's just the way Stable Shakers like it.

A full-length album featuring Brechyn Chace on vocals is scheduled to be released in 2018.


Stable Shakers

A dynamic instrumental twang jazz party

The Stable Shakers are an ever-changing, dynamic instrumental twang jazz group that have no intention on fitting into a cookie cutter genre.

Hailing from the Cumberland Valley farmlands  of Pennsylvania, the group formed after a serendipitous New Years Eve show at the Birchmere Music Hall, where backstage former Hello Strangers band-mates guitarist Spencer Pheil and bassist Tommy Hoy met with pedal steel player Dave Hadley (Bumper Jacksons), who currently fills out the instrumental outfit alongside long-time drummer and friend Jim Aguzzi. Together, the four embarked on an instrumental crusade to bring improvisation into genres that had traditional rigidity and are giving them a refreshing new life.

The Stable Shakers have announced an upcomming full length instrumental album to be released later this year!




Stable Shakers

Other configurations full of unique musical compositions