Stable Shakers

Featuring Brechyn Chace

The Stable Shakers are an ever-changing, dynamic instrumental twang jazz group that have no intention on fitting into a cookie cutter genre. Recently, the Stable Shakers have doubled down on this ideology, by bringing in Nashville recording artist and vocalist Brechyn Chace of The Hello Strangers. Brechyn brings a wealth of talent, energy, and a remarkable versatility, segueing from country ballad to swinging jazz, to sultry blues all with an undeniable folky flair. Shows continue to challenge and shift, as the group can perform with countless combinations of featured guest musicians, from keyboardists, to vocalists as well as changing from quartet to trio and duo.

The Stable Shakers have big plans moving forward into the summer of 2018. They announced two complementary full length albums - one with Vocalist Brechyn Chace and one fully instrumental, with both featuring original works from guitarist and song-writer Spencer Pheil. Both are yet to be titled, but will be released later this year.

Stable Shakers with Breychn Press Photo .jpg